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As the owner of Waldorf Essentials, I am in a unique position to talk to both families and teachers. In April of 2020, I began receiving panicked emails from teachers all over the world that were faced with losing their jobs or trying to support their students as schools began shutting down.  Parents were equally  concerned and while I can help them homeschool, many were not at all interested in homeschooling. In talking with teacher friends, it was agreed that something needed to be done. But what?  The very same week I had a chat with Melanie.  She had been approached by several families that wanted a class teacher.  We started putting our heads together and pulled in Nicole. The three of us looked at what families needed.  Some needed a full class teacher. Others only needed help with a class here and there.   We knew that we wanted to bring together teachers and help them make a living wage while also having control over their own schedule, allowing them to tend to their families. We were well aware that All Day Zooms did NOT make happy families.   Our solution is a beautiful hybrid education that supports BOTH teachers and families. 

Meet Our Team

In 2023 Seasons of Seven became an arm of Auriel's Light non profit. We believe at our core that the strength of a family lies in the stewardship it holds for one another.  That stewardship begins with conscious parenting and continues with a conscious education.

Melanie Novakovitch

Auriel's Light Founders Team

Melanie is the Director of Seasons of Seven.

Melisa Nielsen

Auriel's Light Founders Team

Melisa is the Director of Waldorf Essentials.

Erik Nielsen

Auriel's Light Founders Team

Erik is the Director of PR & Marketing.


Seasons of Seven Success Team


Seasons of Seven Success Team


Seasons of Seven Success Team

Meet Our Teachers


Our Teachers are excited to serve you! 

Meet the Teachers!

Hello!  I'm so glad you stopped by!

A few years ago, a good friend of mine called me and asked me if I would teach class three online.  At about the same time, Melisa was hearing from displaced teachers and families with closed schools.  We put our heads together and Seasons of Seven was born.  Our desire was to not only serve families that wanted a different Steiner school experience, but to also provide our teachers with a living wage.  I am so blessed everyday to work alongside these amazing teachers, from early childhood through high school and our enrichment teachers, they all uphold Steiner's impulses.

One of my favorite Steiner quotes, embodies what I see for our school: 

"Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility – these three forces are the very nerve of education."

So, a bit about our team.  I'm a long time homeschooler, a gymnast and a school teacher.  I'm homeschooling my son and loving the freedom that this way of life affords. 

Melisa runs Waldorf Essentials and supports Seasons of Seven with her knowledge of the Waldorf pedagogy. 

Erik works on PR and marketing for our organization. 

Our support staff, Dena, Nicole and Vanessa, they are all Waldorf parents on this journey too.  You'll find them in our emails, running the show on our social platforms and lending a hand in our weekly Question and Answer sessions. 

Our whole staff is dedicated to helping you on your schooling journey.